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The Garstang Oxfam Group (GOG) was set up in April 1992 when it had only three members including Bruce Crowther, founder member and present chairperson. It now has a total of 19 members and meets every third Tuesday of the month in the Crown Public House on the High Street in Garstang.

GOG is primarily a campaigning Group although it does take part in fundraising activities when the opportunities arise. Since 1992 it has campaigned on many issues concerning global poverty including the Jubilee 2000 campaign to abolish Third World Debt, the campaign to ban landmines, Oxfam's Conflict campaign and the recent Education Now campaign. It has constantly worked to increase awareness of fair trade and to increase the sales of Fairtrade products in Garstang. GOG's Fairtrade campaign has been a favourite for the Group because it is a relatively simple message to get across and the general public can easily take the required response i.e. to buy fair trade goods.

Over the years GOG have lobbied MPs and MEPs and now have a very good working relationship with Hilton Dawson, the MP for Lancaster and Wyre.

The group often runs street stalls and conducts local surveys and petitions as well as holding debates, public meetings and library exhibitions to promote awareness on Oxfam issues. The Group's first event in 1992 was to build a shanty house in the centre of Garstang to promote Oxfam's Forced to Flee campaign on the plight of the world's refugees. It took part in Oxfam's Cold Front Appeal at Christmas the same year when over 100 bags of clothes were collected in just one week to send to Eastern Europe and Afghanistan. The Group endeavors to enter the Whit Children's Festival procession each year and has entered commemorating Live Aid, promoting Jubilee 2000, as Thunderbirds (Oxfam - Today's International Rescue) and twice as Fairtrade products. It has held an Africa Evening and a very successful Tibet Evening that raised over 200 for the Free Tibet Campaign. The Group enjoys good Press coverage especially from the local paper the Garstang Courier.
Meeting David Bryer - no link
The Garstang Oxfam Group meeting David Bryer, who was then Oxfam's Director, September 1998
GOG campaigning - no link
Garstang Oxfam Group campaigning in sunny weather for once...
On the fundraising side GOG always takes part in Oxfam's annual sponsored Fast as well as distributing Fast Packs to other potential participants. It coordinates the annual Door to Door collections during Oxfam Week and does a street collection also each year. Occasionally, when the opportunity arises, the Group will run a raffle or other fundraising events.



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