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Cold Play Raffle Winner and update
The Draw
Ben Crowther, Anna Crowther, Graham Hulme, Bruce Crowther,
Anne Humphries (Mayor of Garstang), Alexander Hulme at the draw
The Garstang Oxfam Group 'Make Trade Fair' raffle was drawn at the Discovery Centre in Garstang on Saturday 13th September 2003. Garstang's Mayor Anne Humphries drew the winning ticket owned by 13 year old Joe Swarbrick of Catterall near Garstang. Joe is now the proud owner of a signed Oxfam 'Make Trade Fair' T shirt. Chris Martin of the popular band Coldplay is well known for wearing an Oxfam shirt when performing. This shirt, signed by the four members of Coldplay was personally designed by Chris for his own use.

The raffle raised over £250 which went towards Bruce Crowther's bid for the Oxfam Overseas Challenge. Bruce, a member of the local Oxfam Group, only has to raise a further £200 to reach the £2,500 target set by Oxfam for the Challenge. Bruce has been a campaigner for Oxfam for 19 years but has never visited an Oxfam project. Raising the money will secure a place for Bruce to visit an Oxfam project in Peru sometime in May 2004. Bruce is very grateful to all the people of Garstang who have kindly donated towards this project.

The draw took place at the same time that world leaders were discussing the international trade rules at the World Trade Organisation meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Oxfam, along with other world development charities, have been lobbying the governments of the world in an attempt to ensure the discussions in Cancun result in an outcome favourable to the world's poorest people. Visit www.maketradefair.com for more details of Oxfam's 'Make Trade Fair' Campaign.

Bruce Crowther said that "We deliberately held the draw on this day to try and focus local news onto the international stage. The decisions made in Cancun will effect the lives of millions of poor people across the world. Oxfam campaigning is all about taking local action to make a difference globally."